Friday // February 24, 2017

Our Foundation: Who is EMJ Corporation?

EMJ Corporation created Our Foundation to clearly define who we are and where we are going. There are three sections of Our Foundation: Who We Are, Our Values and Our Approach.


Who We Are: EMJ’s Vision, Mission & Culture

A vision statement explains where our organization is going, or an aspiration that drives future growth.

EMJ’s vision is to change the industry, one project at a time.

Through our client experience, servant leadership and approach, we aim to set a new standard for clients and become a model for other organizations to emulate. Over time, this will transform the construction industry.

A mission statement is a concise way to explain purpose, or what the organization is doing today.

EMJ’s mission is to deliver unique value through servant leadership to our clients, partners and colleagues.

Our mission expresses what we do: deliver value, which can be defined by the client or by our team.

Our vision and mission lead us to our culture. Culture is made up of the set of behaviors and rituals that a company values.

EMJ’s culture is to practice servant leadership, lead by example, inspire and serve others.

Employees practice servant leadership by putting others first and serving as a steward to them and by leading by example. Our culture is something that each of us can continually work toward to make ourselves, and the corporation, better.


Our Values: How We Serve

EMJ’s core values represent an enduring set of principles that define what it means to be a servant leader. At EMJ, a servant leader is: honest, selfless, passionate, smart, responsible and gritty.

We believe that practicing and encouraging these values will create a thriving culture of servant leadership—and better serve our clients.


Our Approach: Concept-to-Completion (C2C®)

The final part of EMJ’s Foundation, which stems from our vision, mission, culture and values is our approach: Concept-to-Completion, or C2C®.

C2C is our team approach to delivering unique client value. It is how we creatively work with clients, partners and colleagues through four steps: Ask, Listen, Think, and Do.

C2C outlines an approach for employees to follow on every project, regardless of their role, which helps them discover and understand value and execute high-quality work. Read more about our approach here.

The Result: A Remarkable Client Experience

Our Foundation reminds us where we are going as a company and the steps that we must take to get there. By collaborating to provide our clients with a remarkable experience, we will achieve our goals and continue to grow EMJ for years to come.


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