Concept-to-Completion (C2C)

Our Approach to Projects

How It Works

C2C is more than what we do; it’s who we are. C2C expands the way we approach construction, making us think beyond simply the “building” and “immediate cost” to client value, client desired results and true project potential. The principles of C2C enable our team to analyze project goals in order to meet client needs with precision, timeliness and quality. We seek to find not only the best approach to construction projects, but also what is important to the client. To implement C2C, we take four client-focused steps: ask, listen, think, do.

Value is a set of benefits provided to a client. Client-defined value varies on each project, but it often includes time, budget, advocacy, quality, leadership, and trust.


Discover the client’s vision

Discover more about the client’s vision, business environment,
construction experiences and expectations for the project.


Understand the client’s motivators and concerns

Understand the project parameters, the client’s motivators
and concerns as well as what they see as value.


Develop project-specific strategies

Develop strategies for the relationship,
delivery, risk reduction and value.


Execute by implementing identified strategies

Execute by delivering the strategies with collaboration,
exceptional client service and excellence.

A Strategic Mindset that Turns the Design and Construction Process into a Value-Based Journey

The Results

EMJ uses the C2C approach to create collaboration and trust. When the project team works toward a common goal and stays consistent throughout the project, it results in proactive solutions, custom project strategies, risk identification and mitigation, maximized project potential, client satisfaction and value realization.

Tools of C2C


As part of C2C, EMJ uses technology to help identify obstacles, eliminate unnecessary costs and capture opportunities to add value throughout the project timeline. From drone-enabled site evaluation to Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination and smart facilities turnover, EMJ’s technological capabilities impact projects and significantly enhance the construction experience for all project participants.

EMJ’s internal expertise and strategic partnerships allow us to deliver more than 20 technical applications that enhance our clients’ construction experience. Click here to learn more about our technology offerings.


The EMJ Quality program is not only our quality control method; it’s a part of our approach. The EMJ team works to foresee potential obstacles and risks while planning a construction project and customize the approach to prevent complications. This ensures the project team delivers a top-quality product that exceeds expectations at project completion and for many years afterward.

EMJ’s Quality program provides tools, training, and knowledge for employees to utilize on construction projects in order to identify challenges, plan and execute a seamless construction experience. It also instills in our team a desire to proactively deliver our clients a product of exceptional quality because we take pride in our work.