Palm Beach Outlets & Marketplace

West Palm Beach, Fla.


The Palm Beach Outlets project in West Palm Beach, Fla., consists of two phases. The first phase includes demolition of the existing 1.4 million square-foot Palm Beach Mall to allow construction of the 465,000 square-foot development to begin. The Outlet Center is comprised of 10 individual buildings of various sizes with over 100 tenant spaces and a food court area. The first phase also involves the complete redevelopment of the entire 87-acre site and miles of new underground utilities. The second phase of the project includes the construction of the outdoor marketplace and a power center with approximately 18 retail tenants.

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Ask: Discover

Phase I of this two-phase project over 87 acres involved the demolition of the existing 1.4 million square-foot Palm Beach Mall and construction of the new 465,000 square-foot Palm Beach Outlet Center which includes 10 buildings, over 100 tenant spaces, and a food court area.  Phase 2 of the project was the construction of the Marketplace at the Outlets which was a 300,000 square foot grocery anchored power center suited for 18 tenants.

Listen: Understand

During the planning phase of the Outlets, our team analyzed the concept, scrutinized the original design, and examined creative ideas that could create savings and generate value. Our review revealed an expensive component of the project: shade structures connected to the building’s structural steel. Our team discovered that this method would add 25 tons of structural steel to eight of the ten buildings in order to accommodate the shade structure loads. This would extend the project timeline and add a hefty cost premium to each of the buildings due to all of the additional steel required to handle the shade structure loads.

Think: Develop

Our team collaborated with the architect and engineer to develop an alternate design. Rather than using steel shade structures, which connected to the building’s steel and were set on large shallow foundations, we proposed a combination of tensile steel cables and a deep, less-obtrusive foundation system.

Do: Execute

The client selected the combination of the tensile steel cables, which eliminated the extra tonnage of steel, and the proposed deep foundation system, which eliminated the shallow foundation system that was causing several utility conflicts in the pedestrian concourse areas.

The End Result

When our team “thought like owners” and searched for value-generating ideas, we provided the client with a two month schedule improvement and a grand total of $2 million in savings on the project.

The Palm Beach Outlets and Marketplace at the Outlets projects epitomizes EMJ’s ability to generate more value for clients with early involvement in a project and consistent, careful examination of client needs through our Ask, Listen, Think, Do process. EMJ’s approach was one of the main reasons the owner chose to contract to build the Phase 2 Marketplace project. Using our same approach there, we were able to generate an additional $2 million dollars in value for the client bringing our total value generation to approximately $4 million dollars. ­

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