Walmart-Sam’s Club Combo

Dallas, Texas


EMJ’s legacy partner, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., takes updating and expanding existing locations seriously. Its quality and approach to serving communities with ever-expanding locations leaves much to be admired. Even in Wal-Mart's excitement to turn an existing Neighborhood Market into a full-service Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club, the client saw the power of Ask, Listen, Think, and Do in the EMJ approach.
Read more about our work on this 130,000 square-foot development below.

Case Study

Ask: Discover

The task at hand was one that neither we at EMJ or the client was a stranger to. Building a brand new Sam’s Club and Walmart Supercenter is a big project that can take a lot of time. In this case, the expansion and new construction was on a site on which there was already a Neighborhood Market. EMJ planners noticed that a demolition was set for this Neighborhood Market that seemed, from our view, unnecessarily early. So we asked.

Listen: Understand

As it turned out, the answer wasn’t readily clear. Just by asking a simple question as to “why,” we discovered that the client had assumed that closing the existing and profitable market simply needed to happen. We listened to the client, and in turn, the client listened to us. It was an interaction in which we discovered that the Neighborhood Market could remain open for 9 months during construction without slowing down progress of the new project. Not only was this a substantial increase in projected income, but it remained a critical boon to the surrounding community who relied on the market and would have been forced to find a temporary replacement until the new Walmart Supercenter was complete.

Think: Develop

A big part of this project wasn’t only in thinking how it needed to be done logistically, but to also in considering the broader impact to the company and the community. A repeat-concept like building a new Walmart is often the kind of project in which we want to roll up our sleeves and dive right in. As we thought about the broader impact of the unconsidered decisions or assumed protocols, we knew we could do more, not just for the project’s outcome, but for client and the community as well.

Do: Execute

When we did roll up our sleeves and dive into the project, we felt confident knowing our considerations were broad and thoughtful. We were armed with the confidence of not just having done this before, but of having treated this project within the context of what made it unique.

Not only were we able to ultimately convince the client to keep the Neighborhood Market open an additional 9 months

Our team ensured that there was no span of time at all where the client didn’t have open doors for business, and where the community wasn’t served by a vital market for food and necessities.

The End Result

By using the C2C process, our team brought to light something the client hadn’t considered and the ultimate solution was a surprise and a delight to us, the client and the community. Through our process, we see that more than a guiding set of principles, sometimes it’s a safety net for reconsidering cost, uncovering income, and better serving all stakeholders in any project. Every project completion is a fulfilling experience, but even more so when that completion, because of the C2C approach, brings the client added value– in this case, 9 months of added revenue from strategic thinking.

Project Photos