Auburn University – Internship / Co-op Application (Auburn University Students Only)

**This position is for Auburn University students only**

As a preferred Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for North American energy companies, our mission is to harness the creative energy of our people and help them reach their full potential. This focus enables us to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional results for our customers through our Core Principles, which are the heart of Signal Energy and the foundation of our strong company culture. As a culture-fit-first hiring company, we look beyond skill and education for individuals who fit within our team and values.

The internships that we offer can vary. These can include:

  • Co-op: We highly encourage participation in a co-op program. This experience allows you to take off 3 semesters to work with Signal Energy and gain valuable “real world” construction management experience. If this is the experience that you are interested in, please be sure that you have checked in with the Cooperative Education Department at Auburn University. They will help determine if this is a good choice for you.
  • Hybrid Internship: These types of internships usually last longer. This internship combines a summer and either a spring or fall semester tied to it. This gives you between 6-7 months of consecutive experience. This type of internship will give you about two months of experience at our home office in Chattanooga working as a functioning member of the project management team. Once you complete the two months in Chattanooga, you will be sent to the project site for the balance of your internship. Keep in mind, this will delay your graduation date by a semester but every student that we have had participate with this style of internship has told us that it was worth it. Not all programs will allow for you to be gone that long so be sure you check with your Building Science advisor to determine whether this is possible.
  • Summer Internship: Summer internships are usually offered to students that are early in their student experience for the purpose of having them work more than one summer. The first summer will be spent in Chattanooga working with the project management team. If things go well and you want to return for a second summer, you will be sent to the field.

Our goals for every internship / co-op that we offer is as follows:

  • Provide each student with a real world experience in construction management. Assign responsibilities, not tasks, that directly contribute to a live project. We want to help each student harness their creative energy and be a successful contributor to a project management team.
  • To help you learn and grow within our culture in order to prepare you to become a high potential member of Signal Energy once you graduate.

Are you ready to harness your creative energy and make an impact on the future of renewable energy?


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