Our Approach

Delivering Unique Value and Exceptional Client Experiences (CX)

Delivering unique value

We focus on our clients

The construction industry is frustrating. General contractors focus on things like revenue, size or industry rank. But, it’s all the same, a focus on self. That often leads to conflict between clients, general contractors and partners. At EMJ, our focus is on you, our clients.

We are obsessed with our clients.

Born from our purpose, to be people serving people, our approach is designed to produce significant benefits for our clients and make the experience enjoyable. Yes, we believe construction can be enjoyable.

Clients drive our decisions and behaviors.

They are instrumental in developing our construction plans. We know clients have a specific purpose for their projects and a unique set of values. Our team will ask deep questions to understand that perspective and make sure our construction plan is tailored to it.

We focus on strategies that exceed client expectations and remove pain points.

We measure our success on remarkable client experiences (CX).

Exceptional client experiences (CX)

What Our Clients Can Expect