Additional Elements to Review Responsibility Matrix: Project Team
The entire Project Team, including Leadership, the Precon Manager, the Project Manager, and the Superintendent, must completely understand the type of project, budget, client details, and contractual arrangement from the beginning:

  • Project acquisition:Negotiated/ Select Bid/ Hard (Public) Bid
  • Type of contract:Lump Sum/ GMP / Cost Plus
  • Additional terms:General Conditions/ Contingency/ Share of Savings
  • Client:Who is the client/ Relationships involved/ Future opportunities / Additional Decision Makers (ie. 3rd Party, CM, Architect)
  • Schedule:Duration/ Time extensions/ Liquidated Damages

All of these factors (and more) must be considered in all decisions made and tactics used in resolving issues. The client, relationships, and future ramifications and opportunities must be reviewed to present and resolve issues, enforce our contractual rights, and protect EMJ’s best interests.