Delivering Exceptional Client Experiences

Our Foundation

Purpose: To be People Serving People

Our purpose is to be People Serving People. Since 1968, we have charged our teams, nationwide, to be servant leaders who lead by example and inspire and serve others.

Whether in an office, at a meeting, or on a job site, we perform our work by serving others.

Mission: To Deliver an Exceptional Experience

Empowered by our purpose to serve and guided by our core values, we aim to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients, partners and colleagues.

We bring together employees of various specialties to steward construction projects, which cultivates collaboration and enables us to deliver our best work.

Values: Selfless, Trustworthy & Gritty

Selfless – We support and invest in our clients, partners, colleagues and communities. 

Trustworthy – We are truthful with ourselves, developing self-awareness and humility.

Gritty – We are courageous, of strong character, and able to persevere in difficult situations. 


Jack Bowen


Chas Torrence


Holly Bischoff

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Miller

Executive Vice President

William Mosher

Executive Vice President

Lance Gopffarth

Executive Vice President

Heather Collins

Executive Vice President
People and IT

Deron Smith

Executive Vice President
Marketing and Communications

Expect More from Your Construction Experience

The construction industry can be  frustrating.

General contractors focus on things like revenue, size or industry rank. But, it’s all the same, a focus on self. That often leads to conflict between clients, general contractors and partners.

We are focused on strategies that exceed expectations.

Born from our purpose, to be people serving people, our approach is designed to make the experience enjoyable. Yes, construction can be enjoyable.

Clients drive our decisions and behaviors.

We know clients have a specific purpose for their projects and a unique set of values. Our team will ask deep questions to understand that perspective and make sure our construction plan is tailored to it.

We measure success by remarkable client experiences.

We measure our success by more than those basic expectations. We measure our performance on how well we meet your goals and prioritize your needs to deliver a positive construction experience.


Evolving With a Changing World

We’ve been around for a while. And while building projects across the country has given us plenty of experience, we don’t spend much time thinking about the past. We’re more focused on now, and how we can apply all of that experience to ensure that the clients we serve today receive the best possible experience and results.

For us, that means understanding that our clients’ goals are different than they were 50 — or even five — years ago. It means tailoring the construction experience to the values of our clients so we can communicate better, build better, and be better.

EMJ has grown alongside dramatic changes in the business landscape. To name one example, we’ve built shopping malls across the nation and then redesigned those malls for the new needs of modern consumers. As companies everywhere have faced a changing market, they’ve trusted us to help them build for it.

So sure, we’ve been completing projects for the last half-century. But we’d rather talk about the project we can start for you today.


National Reach with a Local Presence

In our 50+ years as an organization, we’ve expanded into a range of markets in our effort to bring unique value and innovation to clients around the nation. Now, we’re more equipped than ever to serve clients in a variety of industries from our multiple service locations.


Established in 1968, Chattanooga is where it all started. Today our Chattanooga and Charlotte locations serve clients across the southeast and beyond.


We opened our Dallas office in 1990. Today, our Dallas and El Paso locations serve a wide-range of clients across the region.