Become an Employee Partner at EMJ

As an employee-owned company, we want your career at EMJ to be exciting, fulfilling and enjoyable. That’s why we design our work culture to make your work life rewarding while also providing an active system for helping you progress in your career and role.

Our Employee Partners

As an employee-owned company, our people are at the forefront of our company’s strategy year-after-year. Our employee partners have a beneficial stake in the company, directly sharing in growth and value over time. We work hard to provide our employees with competitive compensation, benefits, and individualized growth opportunities.

Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program is an ongoing effort to empower employees, encourage creativity, cultivate continued learning and promote collaboration. By mentoring or being mentored, team members can support, train and invest in others to encourage employee development.

Community Involvement

“With great power comes great responsibility.” EMJ’s EVPs each choose a nonprofit annually on which to focus their offices’ time and effort. EMJ employees donate more than 600 hours of their time to their communities each year. We believe our purpose is to serve, and that extends beyond our office doors.

Perks Program

At EMJ, we believe our employees should be rewarded with more than just a paycheck. Our team is continually improving company “perks” to show our appreciation for employees, including birthdays off, work flexibility, extended time off during the holidays, office game rooms, casual dress code, monthly catered meals and desserts, team and family outings, and more.

Employee Assistance

EMJ offers both the Edgar M. Jolley Memorial Scholarship to children of employees who are completing undergraduate college educations and the EMJ Corporation Employee Relief Fund to assist employees who are experiencing certain health or other familial financial hardships.