Tuesday, August 2, 2022

EMJ—New Look, Same Mission

It’s an exciting time at EMJ. Recently, we shared about our upcoming office renovation and move in the Southeast, but we are also excited to share another “renovation” we’ve been working on—the EMJ logo.

While our foundation, made up of our purpose, mission, and values hasn’t changed, we want to make sure the EMJ mark accurately reflects not only who we are but also where we are going.

Our logo mark is important to us because it represents the larger EMJ brand. We’ve grown alongside some dramatic changes in the business landscape, and we want to make sure our mark reflects that forward movement.

Our new logo maintains the basic design of the old logo in a modern way. The mark includes all three letters that make up EMJ but the ‘J’ now forms an arrow, representing EMJ’s forward momentum and growth. To us, it symbolizes our need to evolve with an ever-changing world.

We are excited to continue to work toward our mission – with a new, clean look!