Friday, January 28, 2022

Mentorship and Project Progress in North Texas

Blake Poe (Level II Superintendent), Ryan Jarvis (Level II Superintendent), Jacob Williamson (intern), and Denver Moody (Lead Superintendent)

Last week, we visited a few of our jobs in North Dallas where we got to see superintendents mentoring some of our interns. With quite a bit of coordination going on at each site, it was a great opportunity for our interns to get hands-on experience.

 At the Frisco site we visited with our superintendents, Ryan Jarvis, Blake Poe  and Denver Moody, along with Jacob Williamson, an intern from Texas A&M University. They were placing grade beams ahead of masonry crews and ensuring final grading for the front parking lot in preparation for concrete paving, while crews at the rear of the site were running lime trucks in and out to prepare for the subgrade. Layout and excavations for underground MEP was also being installed.



Jacob Williamson (intern) and Ryan Jarvis (superintendent) showing their school spirit with a “Gig ‘Em”
The Frisco team gathers around for a quick huddle

 In Plano, the team was in the process of setting formwork for paving pours. Drill rigs were popping holes for piers on the pad while grade beams commenced. Molli Majors, an intern from Texas A&M University, worked alongside superintendent, Alex Thomas, to ensure the pier log was being completed correctly.

Molli Majors (intern) shows Willam Mosher (EVP Southwest) her work on the pier log

Being selfless—supporting and investing in our clients, partners, colleagues and communities— is one of our core values here at EMJ. Our job site visit allowed us to see a small glimpse into a day in the life of our superintendents living this selflessness out as they invested in Molli and Jacob, preparing them to be the next generation of builders.