Shaw Create Centre

Office Building | Cartersville, Ga.

Shaw Create Centre


Shaw Industries Group engaged EMJ to build its Create Centre, a 67,000-square-foot, three-story “think tank” for the company’s creative, marketing and innovation teams, to exhibit its latest interior designs in an upscale, modern office building.

Case Study

Screen redesign during planning phase results in $1.4 million savings for client

When reviewing initial design plans in the planning phase, EMJ noticed a financial outlier: an innovative screen wall designed to let natural light into the building without affecting the exterior’s modern appearance. The significant cost of this feature was not included in the original project budget.

EMJ’s team considered materials that could serve as cost-effective alternatives to build the screen wall.

In collaboration with the design team and the owner, we guided the design to quality-equivalent but price-efficient products with which to create the screen.
Through the schematic design and design development, the client accumulated $1.4 million in value. These changes included modifications to the mechanical, lighting and glass systems.

Unique Value:

By collaborating with the client and design team during the planning phase, EMJ generated more than $1.4 million for the client— before even breaking ground on the project.