Thursday, April 20, 2017

7-Eleven team awarded Florida safety recognition

Congratulations to EMJ Special Projects’ 7-Eleven team for winning the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award.
This award, given by the University of South Florida’s Safety Consultation Program, was developed to motivate and support employers who emphasize safety through the implementation and maintenance of effective injury and illness-prevention programs.
The Miami, Fla.7-Eleven project consists of a 3,000 square foot building, four 8,000-gallon below- ground fuel storage tanks and two overhead canopies on a 1.4 acre site. Ray Alamo, Superintendent, and Rob Lamb, Project Manager, have managed all team members to ensure that they work safely and efficiently on the job site.
After the OSHA Consultation visit last month, David Ashman of USF’s Safety Consultation Program presented the award to Alamo for his team’s commitment to workplace safety and health.
sunshine state safety recognition
Congratulations to the team for their commitment to ensuring a safe work environment for all involved and continuing to positively represent EMJ Corporation.
This is the second Sunshine State Safety Recognition on a job managed by Ray Alamo in the past year. Read more about Ray’s previous recognition here: