Thursday, January 21, 2021

EMJ Construction Launches Triangle Construction Services


EMJ Construction has launched Triangle Construction Services, a privately owned, full-service construction and services company that specializes in high-quality cleaning.

Based in Chattanooga and Dallas, Triangle is a member of the EMJ family of companies—a national family of construction service companies with more than 53 years of construction experience. 

Triangle provides construction cleaning services to address the cleaning needs during and after the construction process. Services include cleaning in-process and completed construction sites.

Matt Johnson, Director of Operations, Triangle Construction Services

Matt Johnson has been tapped to lead Triangle Construction Services as the Director of Operations. Previously, Matt led the EMJ Construction accounting team and worked closely with project teams and leadership to properly account for the costs at the project level and report company profits at the leadership level.

As Director of Operations, Matt will oversee, plan, coordinate, and direct day-to-day operations for Triangle. He will work closely with the President of EMJ Construction to bring direction and consistency to the operations and establish overall strategic vision.

Johnson began his career in accounting at a CPA firm in 2006, then entered into the construction industry soon thereafter. Before moving to Chattanooga and joining EMJ construction in 2016, Matt worked for a
construction firm in Vancouver, Canada for over five years. 

“Triangle has deep roots in construction and is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with a wealth of expertise and experience,” said Jack Bowen, President, EMJ Construction. “We are excited to appoint Matt Johnson as director of Triangle. His expertise in the industry and work on behalf of clients will allow the company to prioritize speed, quality and integrity to develop lasting relationships with clients.”

Since 1968, EMJ Construction has delivered billions of dollars in construction projects across the U.S. The corporation’s history and experience are unique, but what elevates EMJ is the client experience. With more than 52 years of diverse experience, thousands of partnerships across the country and numerous satisfied, repeat customers, EMJ challenges clients to expect more — one project at a time.