Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Burt Odom: 'Great leaders are servant leaders'

EMJ’s mission is to deliver unique value to our clients, partners and colleagues. We fulfill our mission by cultivating the strengths of our people and developing them into great servant leaders. But how does one become a leader?
CityScope Magazine recently interviewed Burt Odom, EMJ’s CEO and President, about how EMJ develops leaders at all levels. His responses are featured  in the publication’s annual business issue.

Burt Odom city scope servant leaders

Photo by CityScope Magazine

“The ideal leader is someone who is selfless, yet bold,” said Odom. “They look for the win-win in every situation and are able to resolve issues in the best interest of everyone involved.”

In addition, Odom discussed the importance of experience across a variety of functions and how that experience equips an executive leader with the insight and knowledge to see situations from multiple angles.
“Experience allows leaders to relate to employees and clients and provides a sense of humility and perspective,” says Odom, who adds that great leaders are created through years of practice and investment from others.
When asked about the importance of developing leaders at all levels of EMJ, Odom notes the company’s move to a more horizontal structure and its investment in programs such as mentoring and career mapping.

“We believe that developing servant leaders within our organization is paramount to our mission, our success as a company, our people, and our clients.”

“Everyone is a servant leader in some capacity in their position within EMJ Corporation, and we must continue to provide and improve our resources for our employees to grow and develop their skills.”
Click here to read the complete interview in CityScope’s annual business issue.