Friday, November 13, 2015

C2C is now a registered trademark

Our C2C® logo is now officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office!
C2C will now be followed by ® rather than the ™ to signify that it is a federally-protected and registered trademark. This means that EMJ enjoys the exclusive right to use C2C® in the promotion of its business and can prevent others in the same industry classification from using it. Rather than attempting to work backwards and correct all past uses of the C2C logo with the ™, we will simply use ® moving forward.
Guidelines for using C2C®:
1. Always use the ® when using C2C®. On a PC:
a. To type the ® symbol, type (R).
b. To manually superscript the symbol, first select the symbol, then choose Font, check the Superscript box and click OK.
c. You can also use the Insert tab to select the symbol.
2. When referencing C2C® in written material, do not write out “C2C® (Concept-to-Completion)” but instead use the following approach:
a. For the first reference, write out “Concept-to-Completion” (with no trademark symbol).
b. For every reference thereafter, use “C2C®.”
If you have further questions about how to use C2C® in written materials or elsewhere, please contact Mary Catherine Burford, Copywriter.