Friday, April 1, 2016

C2C Spotlight on Superintendent John Rudez


From left to right: Co-Op Harrison Hilt, Vice President Greg Everett, Superintendent John Rudez

John Rudez is the superintendent on the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI) in Chattanooga, and he exhibits C2C® characteristics by constantly scouring the plans and details for ways to generate value for the client. TNACI is a nonprofit organization, so every dollar counts, and John proactively researched specifications of the project before the team broke ground. John’s research helped the client identify alternate materials and improve construction processes that met the design intent. This proactive value analysis has already begun producing a better-quality product for the client and more economical project.
Since then, each time John meets with the client, he has new ideas to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or use of square footage to better achieve the client’s ultimate goal.

“Every time he opens the plans, John uses his 20+ years of experience to help the owner think more practically about the project, which, in turn, creates value,” said Steve Totzke, the project manager on TNACI.

“John is truly going above and beyond to serve them with value-generating ideas and propositions.”
In addition to his service to the owner, John is also serving our company by mentoring a Co-Op on his project. He has led by example as well as trained on safety, and is a great model for our mentoring program.

“John continues to think about this building with the end-user in mind, a true C2C characteristic,” Steve said. “But beyond that, he is helping EMJ grow our team into forward-thinking employees.”