Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EMJ | A Construction Services Company

EMJ President Burt Odom and Chief Operating Officer Doug Martin discuss EMJ Corporation’s purpose and its collaborative approach to construction projects.

EMJ’s purpose is to serve. We serve our clients, our employees, our communities and our industry.
The company’s mission to serve the industry began in 1968 and extends to every project across the country and to all project participants, from clients and architects to insurance companies and subcontractors.
Our vision is to change the industry, and while we can’t change the world overnight, we believe we can transform the construction industry— one client experience at a time.
After years of practicing traditional construction models, our team recognized that major changes were needed in the way construction projects were done. With each issue that arose, we worked to find a solution, which led to preventative measures, which led to our client-focused approach, Concept-to-Completion (C2C®).
C2C uses four client-focused steps: ask, listen, think and do. These steps help our team understand what our clients value most and their goals, then cater our delivery to match that vision.
C2C involves collaboration and trust among all members of the team. We define collaboration as a group of people—the owner, general contractor, subcontractors, architect, engineers and others—who work together toward a common goal. Collaboration and transparency create trust, which improves a project’s process.
EMJ believes that the client is the most important part of a team—the center of our attention. Team members join together to share creative ideas throughout the project to create value for the client— and all project participants.
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