Tuesday, December 3, 2019

EMJ Client Featured in Shopping Center Business

Recently, the magazine Shopping Center Business published a feature about EMJ’s client Cinemark, and how the company is transforming client experiences by increasing food and beverage, adding luxury seating and enhancing technology to take movie-going to another level. The article states:

As out-of-home entertainment providers, theater operators have been under increased pressure to enhance the movie-going environment in recent years as competition from streaming services, online television and other entertainment options have presented new options.

Theater operators have changed the movie exhibition business in recent times. Cramped auditoriums with small screens in large multi-plex theaters are no longer built, giving way to a new model with larger screens and seating in luxury recliners. Theaters have also improved their sound systems, food-and-beverage options and even extensive upgrades to their physical environments to enhance the experience and extend the stay.

One operator leading the charge for change in the movie business has been Cinemark Theatres. As one of the largest movie exhibition companies in the business, Cinemark has been smart about its real estate and its experience throughout its history.

The article goes on to highlight Cinemark’s new concept, CUT! by Cinemark, that includes a full-service restaurant and bar in an upscale atmosphere. The prototype, built by EMJ Construction, was designed to elevate the movie-going experience, opened earlier this year in Frisco, Texas, a few miles from Cinemark’s headquarters.

“We are proud to have partnered with Cinemark on this endeavor,” said William Moshier, EVP, EMJ Construction. “It’s not every day that you get to work with clients who are pushing the boundaries of their industry and delivering exceptional  experiences to their clients.”
Check out the entire article at Shopping Center Business  or learn more about EMJ’s work on the project.