Thursday, September 22, 2016

VIDEO: EMJ leaders discuss servant leadership

EMJ President Burt Odom and Chief Operating Officer Doug Martin discuss the importance of mentors throughout their careers and what makes EMJ a leader in the construction industry—its people.

EMJ works to distinguish itself from other general contractors by its dedication to creating a culture of servant leadership and mentorship.
Though servant leadership can be defined in many ways, at EMJ, the term means that servant leaders put others’ needs ahead of their own. EMJ believes that servant leadership ensures that each employee within the family of companies works toward its goal of “growing together.”
Servant leadership is closely tied to mentorship, as both are essential to EMJ’s ultimate success through fulfilling clients’ needs and reaching our maximum potential.
Mentors continually offer guidance, support and feedback to their mentees, who develop into the next generation of leaders.
EMJ’s Mentoring Program creates relationships within all levels of the company in order to identify “blind spots,” which resolve problems and push mentees toward success. From one-on-one mentoring to group mentoring sessions, EMJ is dedicated to the growth and progress of each and every employee.
EMJ team members care about each other and the clients they collectively serve, showing “we are only as good as our people.”
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