Friday, December 15, 2023

Former CEO and Chairman Burt Odom Retires after 40 Years of Distinguished Service

Last week, EMJ honored Burt Odom, past Chairman of EMJ, for his 40 years of service with a ceremony at its Southeast office, One Park Place.

Burt’s family, including his wife Leanne, children, sister, mother and father were there for the celebration, along with several friends and colleagues.

Burt’s 40-year history with EMJ began with a phone call in 1983. Fresh out of Auburn University and considering positions with other companies, Burt knew EMJ was the right fit when he interviewed and instantly connected with several people. His connection with people would continue to be a defining part of his tenure, shaping and truly embodying EMJ’s purpose: to be people serving people.

During his 40 years of service, Burt held various positions: Executive Vice President of EMJ’s Southwest office and the Chief Operating Officer before being appointed President of EMJ in 2010. In 2016, he became President and CEO, serving until 2021, when he became Chairman of the Board.

“Through the years, EMJ dealt with all the same issues every other general contractor faced, but we had something many companies did not,” said Jack Bowen, Chief Executive Officer of EMJ’s parent company, BLDR Holdings. “We had a great man helping lead us, Burt Odom. He is a world-class builder of buildings and, more importantly, people.”

The stories told at his retirement celebration all had a common thread: Burt Odom is a selfless leader and man of the utmost integrity. His remarkable journey at EMJ reflects his ingenuity, integrity, service, and grit.

Please join us in thanking Burt for his 40 years of leadership and service at EMJ.