Thursday, March 9, 2017

Employees awarded Jolley for Outstanding Performance


In 2016, EMJ launched the Edgar M. Jolley Awards for Excellence to recognize exceptional work within the family of companies. The “Jolleys,” named in memory of EMJ’s founder, are presented in three categories: Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Servant Leadership and Outstanding Project. In this three-part blog series, EMJ highlights our Jolley recipients, and why they were selected for these awards.

The peer-nominated Jolley for Outstanding Performance is awarded to employees who go above and beyond in their roles by expanding their range of responsibility, developing junior team members, demonstrating initiative and creativity in tackling challenges and building relationships with clients.
“The Jolley for Outstanding Performance is for those high-achievers that inspire you to be better every single day—because they lead by example,” said Doug Martin, Chief Operating Officer, while presenting the Jolleys to the family of companies this month.
Below are this year’s winners:

Matthew Connors, Project Manager for EMJ Construction, served as a client executive for Walmart on the four projects that the Dallas team completed this year.
He learned the client’s project goals, identified their definition of value in each location, and through that, captured additional savings for the client during construction. After his latest project was completed, the client gave rave reviews on Matthew’s work on the job and requested his team for future projects.
“I consider Matthew to be one of the finest project managers I have worked with over the years,” his nominator wrote.

“From having many late-night conversations about his projects to watching him address a workload that would be overwhelming to most, he is deserving of this recognition— to say the least.”

Jason Dunnam, Senior Project Superintendent, led the RedStone team in completing a $23 million casino in only nine months.
He is extremely disciplined and ensures that each project on which he works is completed with the highest quality, while building trust and creating additional value for the client.

As a leader, Jason provides great feedback, direction and support to everyone on the job site and “isn’t afraid to jump in with both feet and get muddy.”

He guides his team with wisdom gained from nearly 20 years of construction experience and his constant energy keeps them motivated.

Chris Fisher, Senior Project Manager, has played an instrumental role on EMJ’s work for Shaw Industries Group, overseeing the completion of the Shaw T1 manufacturing plant and breaking ground on the Shaw Create Centre office development.
He is an outstanding member of the Chattanooga team and has demonstrated his ability to manage multiple items at one time while exhibiting strong character and accountability.

“Chris handles challenges in stride, always has a positive attitude and serves as an example to everyone within the corporation,” said Jack Bowen, SVP of EMJ Construction. “EMJ is privileged to have Chris as an employee. He is well deserving of the award.”

Dottie McCallen, Communications Manager, implemented numerous new media channels for EMJ Corporation, including an updated website, social media channels, internal newsletters and intranet. She works with each office and has been creative in implementing useful programs and workflows to maximize efficiency in her department.
In addition to her role, Dottie serves as a member of the Mentoring Program Advisory Board and has done a tremendous job with its communication efforts.

“Her innovative thoughts and ideas for the mentoring program have expanded our reach and enabled our company to blossom through this program,” wrote her nominator.

Justin Pearl, Preconstruction Manager, went above and beyond when working on Grand Parkway Marketplace while fostering and growing EMJ’s client and subcontractor relationships.
He managed, mentored and trained team members on the complex, multi-phase project to ensure that the client’s goals were achieved and the project moved forward according to schedule. His hard work and dedication on this project is one of the reasons EMJ was awarded Grand Parkway Marketplace Phase II.

“Justin’s success here at EMJ stems directly from the concern and care he shows toward his team, the project and especially his clients—something we can all strive to emulate,” wrote his nominator.

Brad Primus, Preconstruction Manager for EMJ Construction, led the Chattanooga preconstruction team in the negotiated bidding and awards of two Bass Pro Shops, The Local student housing complex, and two Lidl grocery stores in 2016.
His strategic thinking and creativity in developing pursuit strategies has been a key to our success, and he continually finds ways for EMJ to become more competitive on each project that we bid.

“Brad is a natural born competitor, and he relishes in the opportunity to go farther and work harder than our competition to win projects for EMJ,” wrote his nominator. “His determination and leadership encourage our team to deliver exceptional value to clients.”

Cody Schulze, Project Manager, was influential in the success of the Connection Park Phase II project from day one and is recognized as a vital team member by the client.
Everyone in the Dallas office comes to him—from Senior Project Managers to his peers— when they can’t figure out something with changes or cost reports. He is efficient and knowledgeable in EMJ’s policies and can correct just about anything with regards to cost documentation or paperwork.

“Cody sees the big picture and is passionate about setting up projects to be successful up from the beginning,” wrote his nominator. “He develops a detailed schedule, creates a quality management plan, and sets up ViewPoint properly to ensure the team operates efficiently in billings and cost control.” 

Congratulations to all recipients of the Jolley for Outstanding Performance!