Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kissimmee 7-Eleven team receives state safety award

Congratulations to EMJ Special Projects’ 7-Eleven team for winning the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award. This is EMJ Special Projects’ fourth award in the last two years.
This award, given by the University of South Florida’s Safety Consultation Program, was developed to motivate and support employers who emphasize safety through the implementation and maintenance of effective injury and illness-prevention programs.

The Kissimmee, Fla., 7-Eleven was a project for Equitas Management Group. It consists of a 3,000-square-foot building, four 8,000-gallon below-ground fuel storage tanks, and two overhead canopies on a 1.4 acre site. Ray Alamo, Superintendent, and Jon-Michael Davis, Project Manager, have continually encouraged and trained the team in safe practices to ensure that field staff works safely and efficiently on the job site.
Patrick Stark, OSHA Consultant at the University of Florida, presented the award to Alamo for his team’s commitment to workplace safety and health.
Congratulations to the team on this project: Ray Alamo, Superintendent; Zach Klassen, Project Engineer; Jon-Michael Davis, Project Manager, Mallory Harrison, Administrative Assistant, and Stephen Anderson, Intern. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring a safe work environment for all involved and continuing to positively represent EMJ Corporation.
Thanks also to CORE Safety Group who supports our teams through safety training and consultation and helps ensure that our EMJ Construction team’s are well-versed on the latest safety standards.
Alamo, who was recently awarded CORE Safety’s “Best of the Best” Superintendent Award, has continually been recognized for his commitment to safety. Read more about Ray’s previous recognitions here: