Friday, February 10, 2017

Laser scanning to produce structural drawings

Kevin Lloyd, Senior Estimator at Accent Construction Services, and Jonathan Deming, EMJ Director of BIM and Construction Technology, are receiving EMJ’s C2C Spotlight Award for their innovative work at the US Xpress office in Tunnel Hill, Ga.
While working with U.S. Xpress on another project, Kevin proactively identified an opportunity to add unique value by producing an accurate set of drawings for existing conditions at their office building.
Kevin saw an opportunity to add value, saying, “Hang on a second. I bet we could facilitate this for you. I called Jonathan, who confirmed that the space would be an ideal project for laser scanning, and within two weeks, we were in business.”

A “scan” is a powerful laser recording that captures a site’s shape and appearance and converts those conditions into highly accurate 3D models and structural drawings at sub-millimeter accuracy.


“We asked the client, ‘What are you trying to accomplish?’ Once we understood their goals, we proposed a better and more economical solution,” said Jonathan.

U.S. Xpress took Jonathan and Kevin up on their offer, and Jonathan brought in the laser scanning team from Coast 2 Coast Survey Corporation. The resulting scan is now in post-processing, and the new set of drawings will soon be delivered to the client.
By LISTENing to the client and THINKing of innovative solutions, Kevin was able to not only serve them better, but also bring additional business to the family of companies.
Kudos to Kevin Lloyd and Jonathan Deming for their dedication to our C2C approach and for collaborating to deliver U.S. Xpress an exceptional client experience.
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EMJ Vice President Greg Everett presents Kevin Lloyd with his C2C spotlight award.


Pictured, from left to right: EMJ’s Jonathan Deming with Wallace Beard of U.S. Xpress and Werner Slabber and Shaun Heldzinger of Coast 2 Coast.