Friday, June 29, 2018

Matterport scans assist Lakeview Middle School renovation

While preparing for the Lakeview Middle School renovation in Rossville, Ga., EMJ’s Chattanooga team determined that the use of a Matterport scanner would greatly benefit the project.
A Matterport scanner is a device that captures 360-degree pictures and compiles them to create “virtual tours” of building areas. In recent years, Matterport composites have become mainstream through Google Map’s Street View and used in various industries from engineering to hospitality.

In construction, Matterport visuals display the existing conditions of a building space more effectively than through laser scanning or individual pictures. The scans take less than a minute to complete and can be performed by anyone with a tablet. With thorough documentation of every detail of a job site, construction teams are provided with valuable intel before a project begins.
Will Callery, EMJ Virtual Construction Manager, and the construction tech team have used Matterport on several previous projects including Shaw Create Centre, The Sheridan at Hobe Sound, and West Towne Marketplace. Based on this experience and after speaking with the team about their client’s goals, Callery felt the technology would be a good fit for the Lakeview renovation.

“It does a much better job of giving us a visual of a project than just a person with a camera,” said Callery. “It captures everything, documents more, and makes it much simpler for the entire project team to be on the same page.”

In this case, the team needed to ensure that after construction was complete, the school was in working order in time for the new school year. That meant using the technology to return every desk, bookcase, and smart board to its proper place by the time Lakeview’s faculty returned to prep.

“Projects never wait on you, so we had to be decisive and act quickly,” Callery said. “Ultimately, we decided that the benefit of the scanner outweighed the cost, so we decided to fit it into our schedule.”

As technology in the construction industry continues to grow, EMJ teams continue to show excellent adaptability and versatility. The implementation of this technology at Lakeview Middle School shows excellent forethought and demonstrates the team’s commitment to providing an exceptional client experience.
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