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CarMax is a rapidly growing Fortune 500 company that operates with integrity through its honest and transparent approach to buying and selling used cars around the country. EMJ is honored to partner programmatically with such a great team and company. Our programmatic work encompasses CarMax facilities in various locations, including Westborough, Massachusetts; Norman, Oklahoma; Denton, Texas; Tyler, Texas; Corpus Christi, Texas; Lubbock, Texas; and Bradenton, Florida.

“I wanted to thank you for delivering such an exceptional store. I honestly don’t know the last store that I received such positive feedback from our associates or one that has scored out like this. I wish every store was this good. Thank you!”

– CarMax Associate, Vice President of Construction & Design

The new, ground-up 7,500-square-foot construction in Tyler, Texas was a first of many projects EMJ has partnered with CarMax on.

EMJ’s team spoke with the owner early on to gain understanding of his priorities and goals for the project. The owner emphasized the importance of having the CarMax main sign installed prior to project completion and the opening of the facility. EMJ analyzed the project schedule and realized that they could restructure it to install the sign even earlier than requested by the owner.

Unique Value:

After reworking the schedule, the CarMax sign went up four months after groundbreaking and landscaping was added to enhance curb appeal of the construction site from the nearby highway. In order to add even more value, the team connected the sign to the work trailer for power and set up a photocell, allowing them to further market the property at night.