FedEx Ground Distribution Center

Industrial | Chattanooga, Tenn.

FedEx Ground Distribution Center


EMJ completed FedEx’s 237,000-square-foot industrial facility in just eight months. The automated, build-to-suit station consists of a pre-engineered metal structure set on continuous concrete stem wall. Over 300,000-cubic-yards of earth were shifted during the development of the 63-acre site, and a nearby interstate exit ramp and adjacent surface streets were widened to accommodate the anticipated increase in freight traffic. Off-site work also included new sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Case Study

Team’s critical analysis yields two-month schedule improvement & cost savings

In reviewing the preliminary grading plans and geotechnical report during the planning phase, EMJ discovered that the project site was not balanced.

The easy solution was to import soil, but EMJ identified an opportunity to create value for the client by modifying the proposed grades, eliminating the expense of importing soil.

EMJ enlisted an earthwork subcontractor to survey the property with GPS and specialized software. The team formulated a plan to shift over 300,000 cubic yards of earth.
Upon completion of the site work, data of the modified site was provided to the civil engineers and EMJ, who worked together to adjust the structure’s plans to the new site contours.

Unique Value:

Utilizing the expertise of and encouraging collaboration among all project participants saved the client added-cost and assisted in the completion of the project two months ahead of schedule.