Walmart-Sam’s Club Combo

Retail and Grocery | Dallas, Texas

Walmart-Sam's Club Combo


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has created a science for quality and process in serving communities with the corporation's ever-expanding locations. During Wal-Mart's partnership with our team to turn an existing Neighborhood Market into a full-service Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club, the team collaboratively worked to not only meet an aggressive construction schedule but also to serve the community in the process. Read more about our work on this 130,000-square-foot development below.

Case Study

Schedule change results in increased revenue and uninterrupted community access

When analyzing the project timeline, our team questioned the timing of the Neighborhood Market’s demolition. We discovered that the client had assumed that closing the existing market needed to happen prior to any construction.
Our team suggested postponing demolition for nine months during construction.

Not only would this provide a substantial increase in revenue for the client, but the market would continue to support the surrounding community, which would have been forced to find a replacement store until the new Walmart Supercenter was complete.

The Neighborhood Market remained open for nine months during construction without slowing down progress of the new project.

Unique Value:

By keeping the Neighborhood Market open an additional nine months, our team ensured that there was no span of time during which the client was not serving the community as a vital resource while continuing to create revenue.