Alpha + Inwood project slated to begin early next year

This week, the EMJ Construction project team hit several milestones in planning and development stages of the Alpha + Inwood project, which is slated to begin early next year.

The massive mixed-use development is located at Alpha and Inwood roads, directly west of the Galleria Dallas and the Dallas North Tollway. The development will consist of a hotel, office building, retail spaces and apartments.

This is a flagship project for EMJ Construction, who is partnering with Bridgeview Real Estate, Transition Development, O’Brien Architecture and Danny Forester Design Studios.

Check out this animated rendering of the project.

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Market City Center named Outstanding Project

In 2016, EMJ launched the Edgar M. Jolley Awards for Excellence to recognize exceptional work within the family of companies. The “Jolleys,” named in memory of EMJ’s founder, are presented in three categories: Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Servant Leadership and Outstanding Project.



In this five-part blog series, EMJ highlights our Outstanding Project recipients and why they were selected for these awards. Directors and Vice Presidents of the corporation nominate for Outstanding Project, which is given to a project team that delivered an exceptional client experience, added value, overcame challenges, demonstrated exemplary planning and execution, and built client relationships.

This year, EMJ recognized five projects with this award:

Signal Mill, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Tranquillity 8 Solar, Fresno County, Calif.
West Towne Marketplace, El Paso, Texas
Market City Center, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Wegmans, Medford, Mass.

In the coming weeks, we will highlight each project and the team that brought it to life on the blog. This week, we’re featuring Market City Center in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Market City Center is the highest structure built in Chattanooga since 1972 and is located between three downtown buildings on bustling Market Street.

The team generated very detailed delivery and staging plans to ensure that materials and manpower could easily access the site with minimal impact to the downtown area. When faced with schedule challenges, they worked collaboratively to tackle these issues with minimal impact to the owner.

By proactively utilizing construction technology, such as BIM Modeling, the team was able to identify clashes within the building system and inform the subcontractors prior to installation. This fostered collaboration, mitigated numerous changes, and helped maintain the overall schedule.

The team also fostered a trusting relationship with the local municipalities to ensure that inspections were timely and the work was ready when inspectors arrived on site. This helped maintain the project schedule while ensuring that it was code compliant.

“The scope and pressure of Market City Center was extremely unique because of the downtown location, and this team went above and beyond to serve not only the client, but the city and its residents, as well,” said Jack Bowen, Executive Vice President of EMJ Construction Chattanooga.

This project started out as a select build project with no past relationship with the owner. Through the team’s efforts and the project’s success, the team is discussing future projects with the owner.

Congratulations to all members of the project team:

Taylor Copeland, Project Engineer
Neil Forell, Level II Superintendent
Gary Gibson, Director of Construction
Chris Grannan, VP of Preconstruction
Billy Kile, Warranty Manager
Lance Lindsey, Lead Superintdent
Robert Mazza, Project Engineer
Alex Miller, VP of Preconstruction
Zane Rice, Level I Superintendent
James Williams, Director of Construction
Jonathon Woolsey, Project Engineer

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Market City Center opens in Chattanooga

Technology’s impact on an urban mixed-use project 

Chattanooga leaders tour job site at 728 Market

Market City Center opens in Chattanooga

Photo by the Chattanooga Times Free Press


Called “one of the most important developments” in Chattanooga, community leaders and those involved in the project’s development and construction gathered last week to celebrate the completion of Market City Center at 728 Market Street.

Designed by Stevens & Wilkinson and developed by The Simpson Organization with support from River City Company, Market City Center offers 21,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and restaurant space, 21,000 square feet of office space, parking and 125 apartments in the heart of downtown Chattanooga and is expected to play a key role in the continuing revitalization efforts of the downtown area.

“We join our colleagues and neighbors in applauding the team’s work and recognizing this outstanding project and what it means for the city of Chattanooga,” said Clint Dean, Executive Vice President of EMJ Construction.

The positive impact of the development has already been seen as the construction of the project employed 20 local subcontractors and vendors and an additional 10 from Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta, with an average of 100 workers reporting to the site each day.

“Lance Lindsey and the on-site team did an outstanding job on this project,” said James Williams, EMJ Director of Construction. “We enjoyed working with The Simpson Organization and collaborating with all partners to make this project a success.”

Congratulations to the EMJ team on the project: Lead Superintendent Lance Lindsey,  Level II Superintendent Zane Rice, Project Engineer Billy Kile, Level II Superintendent Neil Forell, Director of Construction James Williams, Director of Construction Gary Gibson, Project Engineer Jonathan Woolsey, Project Engineer Robert Mazza, Project Engineer Taylor Copeland, Co-Op Drew Templeton, Virtual Construction Engineer Will Callery, Vice President of Preconstruction Chris Grannan, Vice President of Preconstruction Alex Miller, Senior Vice President of Preconstruction James Tyson, Senior Vice President of Construction Jack Bowen, Executive Vice President Clint Dean, Project Accountant Robin Phillips, Staff Accountant Mindie Ogle, and Contract Expediter Cissy Scott.

Read more about the project and see more photos from the grand opening on

Pictured above, Drew Templeton and Lance Lindsey walk to meet representatives from The Simpson Organization and other EMJ team members for a job site tour.


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Technology’s impact on an urban mixed-use project 

Chattanooga leaders tour job site at 728 Market


Technology’s impact on an urban mixed-use project 


Building a 10-story structure within the close quarters of a bustling downtown community can pose some unique challenges. The EMJ team on the 728 Market Street mixed-use development in downtown Chattanooga, Tenn., is utilizing the latest technologies to assist in navigating these obstacles.

Existing structures on three sides and a main downtown thoroughfare on the fourth side border the project site. In order to carefully plan the construction of the building and minimize disruption to neighboring businesses, the EMJ team employed Building Information Modeling (BIM) along with laser scanning, 3D site logistics planning and 4D scheduling. These tools helped the project team map the construction schedule step-by-step, foresee challenges, mitigate potential conflicts and streamline the construction process.

Lance Lindsey, Superintendent at 728 Market, witnessed firsthand the benefits of clash detection: a BIM tool used to identify conflicts with building components (a plumbing pipe in the same spot as a HVAC duct line, for example). Rather than identifying such conflicts during installation, clash detection allows the team to find and resolve the conflict early—before work even commences.

“In a nut shell, the benefit is an accelerated understanding of the structure in its entirety and finding clashes or conflicts between building components early,” said Lance.

He ranks clash detection as the most valuable tool on the site so far because of the cost savings for the owner and time savings for the entire team.

“I now realize there’s an easier, faster way of understanding the site in its totality and resolving clashes,” he continued.


Lance also credits 3D visualization as it shows the “structure in its entirety.” The team understands where components will be located, and the technology saves time and gains savings and quality for everyone.

“3D Visualization techniques reduce mistakes and thereby decreasing the time and cost to complete a project,” Lance said. “Whenever you are able to save time you gain savings and quality which ultimately benefits everyone.”

However, he predicts virtual room mock-ups will steal first place when the process is polished and ready for use on project sites. The Market Street team was instrumental in helping EMJ develop a repeatable process showing a 3D representation of each room type complete with useful information visually shown such as fire ratings and wall blocking locations.

“Those should produce a thorough understanding of exactly where rough in components will be located which will be a huge time saver,” Lance said.

His experience with technology on this Market Street project will be incorporated in future projects.

“Technology is helping us to improve and streamline the ‘EMJ way’ of serving our clients and reaching our goals,” he said.

728 Market Tour

“Our team is excited about bringing these innovative tools to assist our construction teams,” said Jonathan Deming, EMJ Director of BIM and Construction Technology. “Learning these technologies and understanding their application continues to help us find value on projects.”

With an expected completion date in 2017, the 728 Market Street development will feature 125 apartments, offices and ground-floor retail.

The Market Street team includes James Williams, Project Manager; Lance Lindsey, Superintendent; Chris Jones, Superintendent; Caleb Dickerson, Project Engineer; Jonathan Woolsey, Project Engineer; Drew Templeton, Co-Op; and Will Callery, Virtual Construction Engineer in the BIM and Construction Technology Department.

Discover EMJ’s C2C Tech Roadmap and learn more about what EMJ’s Construction Technology team can offer your project.


More on 4D Scheduling



Pictured are images from the 4D Scheduling of 728 Market Street. This process merges a 3D model with the project schedule to show a proposed sequence of construction. This sequence in an interactive setting encourages informed decisions in the planning phase.

For example, in the 4D Market Street study, our team loaded schedule data into Autodesk’s Navisworks, a model-based review software, and associated that data with 3D model components. The program then created building images depicting the planned progress of the building. Our team used these images to create documents showing the construction progress over a two-week period to post on the jobsite. This process allows project participants to visualize the construction sequence before it happens, evaluate the validity of their planned project schedule, and communicate the upcoming work in a more meaningful way.



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Chattanooga leaders tour job site at 728 Market

728 Market St. breaks ground in Chattanooga



Chattanooga leaders tour job site at 728 Market

photos courtesy of River City Company


Executive Vice President Clint Dean and superintendents Lance Lindsey and Chris Jones provided city officials, including Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, and representatives from River City Company with a tour of the progress at EMJ Construction’s 728 Market St. job site on Thursday, July 7th.

The mixed-use development in downtown Chattanooga was not only the biggest building project to break ground in the city in 2015 but is also said to be “one of the most important developments” currently under way in the city.

The 10-story building will bring 125 apartments, retail and office space in the heart of the city.

View more pictures from the tour on the EMJ Corporation Facebook page.

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728 Market St. breaks ground in Chattanooga


728 Market St. breaks ground in Chattanooga


The Chattanooga office is proud to be a part of a $28 million mixed-use development in the 700 block of Market Street in downtown Chattanooga.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Tuesday, December 15th featuring River City Co. President Kim White, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, Hamilton County Mayor Jim Copping and Atlanta developer Boyd Simpson as speakers. Clint Dean, James Williams and Chris Grannan represented EMJ.

“This development has been 15 years in the making, and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most important developments in the city,” White said. “There has never been a better time for downtown housing. We have a critical need.”

Along with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, this is the second high-profile project in recent weeks for EMJ Construction in the Chattanooga area. Congratulations to all in the Chattanooga office whose efforts led to this project. We are honored to be a part of the continued growth and development of the scenic city!

To read more about the development and groundbreaking ceremony from The Times Free Press, click here.