Friday, July 27, 2018

Thank you, Brock Insurance, for 50 years of partnership

Founded only five years prior to EMJ in 1963, Brock Insurance Agency has partnered with and served our employees for more than 50 years.
Earlier this month, Brock Insurance was gracious enough to present the Chattanooga office with a beautiful gift in honor of EMJ’s 50th anniversary. The gift was a glass sculpture by artist Chris Mosley of Ignis Glass in Chattanooga.

“The sculpture represents a fusion between art and cityscape and carries monolithic shapes meant to connect the design of buildings with the design of the sculpture,” Mosley explained.

Mark Brock of Brock Insurance Agency and Jay Jolley, EMJ Chairman of the Board

The piece serves as a token of appreciation for the ongoing partnership and was received by Jay Jolley, Chairman of the Board, on behalf of the past, current and future employees of EMJ.
Thank you, Brock Insurance, for helping us celebrate EMJ’s 50th anniversary.
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Loyalty Personified: A Vendor’s Perspective

For Ed Jolley, business was about relationships. And while he famously focused on the relationship with his company’s main client, the dedication and loyalty he afforded from day one actually extended to everyone he worked with, including vendors. No one has felt that more keenly than Mark Brock, owner of Brock Insurance. His father, John Brock, who founded Brock Insurance, began working with Independent Construction Company in 1968, handling all of the organization’s insurance and bonds. When Independent Construction Company became EMJ Corporation in 1978, the relationship never wavered. Sadly, John Brock passed away in 1983, leaving his company to his sons—Paul, who was 27 at the time, and Mark, who was only 22. “At that time, Mr. Jolley and the folks at EMJ were extremely helpful to our agency as far as continuing to work with us,” Mark Brock says. “It was a major account for our agency, and we were able to continue the relationship for years and years.”
To this day, even after Paul’s unexpected passing in 2008, EMJ and Brock Insurance remain connected, working together as both companies evolve. The agency insures all of EMJ’s projects and construction activity, as well as all of the companies that have become part of the EMJ family.


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