Sunday, May 21, 2017

Using templates for accurate layout at Wegmans

Photo by Wegmans,

As with any EMJ client, attention to detail should be a top priority.
The website of Wegmans grocery store, a current client of EMJ’s Boston office, states the company’s commitment, “Every Day You Get Our Best.” With a slogan like that, 92 stores and more than 47,000 employees, it would be difficult for any contractor to live up to the strict standards of this, or any, client without incorporating a C2C and quality approach to construction.
Wegmans has a brand image that includes many architectural details that need to be met to live up to their, and shopper’s, expectations. So when the Boston team identified a curved ceiling detail hanging directly above a curved seating bar, they knew it had to be exact, or it wouldn’t meet EMJ’s or our client’s expectations upon delivery.
Upon review of the plans, the project team noticed the dimensions for the drywall ceiling feature were incorrect. They posed the question to the architect, who then issued new dimensions that were sent to the millwork subcontractor for a final review.
The millwork subcontractor identified areas of inconsistency with the millwork dimensions and sent the project team the dimensions for the millwork, so they could then send a request back to the architect to verify.
The team could have continued this repetitive process. However, this could potentially cause delays and frustration between all parties involved. Instead, they chose to involve the millwork and drywall subcontractor and send not just the question, but a proposed solution. The architect approved the change.

But, the team didn’t stop there. They worked with the millwork subcontractor to provide a template for the drywall team to use as a layout. This forethought allowed the drywall to be dimensioned and placed as a direct and exact vertical transference of the millwork seating bar below.
Identifying conflicts in the plans early, coordinating with pertinent subcontractors and following through with the design team and owner are all integral parts of the C2C process.
Providing solutions and coordinating with adjacent trades can expedite the process and show our clients how EMJ “Gives Our Best Every Day.”