Thursday, August 31, 2017

Waterside recognized for perfect OSHA consultation

Congratulations to the EMJ team at The Village of Waterside in Chattanooga for receiving an On-the-Spot Safety Award from CORE Safety Group for their perfect OSHA consultation.

“This is an outstanding achievement that shows dedication to a safety culture,” said Isaac Itofe, Safety Manager with CORE Safety Group. “This team doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk.”

Results were based on five key findings observed by the OSHA inspector:
1. Management Commitment—Management is committed to providing a safe workplace for all team members and maintains this through performance standards and annual reviews.
2. Employee Involvement—The team included all levels of personnel in a Safety Committee, which hosts periodic meetings and performs inspections, to promote  engagement.
3. Hazard Surveillance—Employees actively participate in inspections as well as providing input into hazard correction through a job hazard analysis program.
4. Designation of Responsibility, Authority and Accountability—CORE Safety Advisor Tom Youngblood currently trains Waterside employees and ensures that all levels of employees are engaged in various inspections and audits.
5. Training—EMJ partners with CORE Safety to train and certify all team members, as well as providing outside training seminars for subcontractors.
Not only did the team succeed in these five key areas, they ensured that the more than 80 employees on the 34-acre site were held to EMJ’s standards of quality and safety.
Congratulations to the Waterside team for their commitment to ensuring a safe work environment for all involved and continuing to positively represent EMJ Corporation. Pictured, from left to right, are:
Mike Froman, EMJ Lead Superintendent
Leroy Thompson, EMJ Superintendent
Zane Rice, EMJ Level II Superintendent
Tom Youngblood, Safety Advisor, CORE Safety Group
Isaac Itofe, Safety Manager, CORE Safety Group
Matt Elliott, EMJ Project Manager
Jonathon Couch, EMJ Project Engineer (not pictured)

The Village at Waterside is a 34-acre retail development slated for opening in 2018. EMJ is constructing 165,000 square feet of retail space for Publix Super Markets, Burlington Coat Factory and REI, as well as additional shell retail space. EMJ is also performing all site work, including grading, utilities, drainage, lighting, traffic signalization, paving, modular retaining walls, fencing, and more.