Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why you should read the Blueprint

Here are five reasons why it’s beneficial to read the Blueprint, EMJ’s weekly employee newsletter:

1. Stay in the know


EMJ is continually working to improve its culture and provide relevant services and benefits for its people. We announce these offerings primarily through the Blueprint. Last month alone, we shared improvements to our insurance and benefits, discounted rental car rates from Hertz, and gift card recipients—among other things! In addition, the Blueprint announces social events, volunteer opportunities and more fun ways to interact with your teams.

2. Cut through the clutter


The Blueprint boils down everything that’s happening within the family of companies into 6-8 top stories each week. Rather than receiving emails for each major happening, you can read short clips from your inbox each Friday afternoon and gain a comprehensive overview of the week’s events. That’s making the most of your precious time.

3. Support your team


The Blueprint recognizes teams from all over the corporation by sharing project awards, groundbreakings, grand openings, departmental outings and more! We aim to support and recognize teams, and rely on our employees to share when an exciting event occurs. Keep an eye out for your stories and support your peers by reading each week.

4. Work smarter


Oftentimes, our teams across various offices perform work for the same client or brand. For example, EMJ Special Projects is currently building a Starbucks for Equitas in Florida while EMJ Dallas is building a Starbucks in Texas, and our teams can benefit by sharing lessons learned on similar projects. The Blueprint helps our teams identify these overlaps, utilize that knowledge to improve efficiency on a project, and even assist in winning a project.

5. It’s all about you


At the end of the day, the Blueprint is a tool to serve you, our employees. Here’s why we work so hard to produce top-notch content. The goal of our internal communications efforts, including the Blueprint, is threefold. We aim to:

• Provide employees with vital and timely info and a voice.
• Ensure consistent and well-positioned messages.
• Streamline communications through centralized, convenient channels.

Or, in layman’s terms, we don’t want to be:

Knowing this, we hope that you’ll be:

But, we’ll settle for:

Questions? Suggestions? Have a story idea for the Blueprint? Need restaurant recommendations or gift ideas? Email us at